The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Special Invitation for One by Jane Helser, page 2

Whether Dress or Mate – Investigate by Dorothy Goeppinger, page 3

A Petition to Play by Ruth Sawin, page 4

Hold Your Horses by Berniece Williams, page 5

Fashion Maypole by Barbara Field, page 6

“Veishea-timing” by Beth Cummings, page 8

Learn All to Do All by Alvina Iverson, page 9

Fifty Grads Go to Work by Faithe Danielson, page 10

Throwing Bouquets by Winnifred Cannon, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics edited by Marjorie Pettinger, page 12

Behind Bright Jackets edited by Winnifred Cannon, page 14

Pie for All by Evelyn Burchard, page 15

“You Can’t Print That!” by Beth Johnson, page 16

Homemaking in the Hills by Carolyn Roller, page 17

Dear Someone, by Helen Greene, page 18

Picnic Precautions by Ida Halpin, page 20

Browned With Precision by Anne Halder Allen, page 21

From Carving to Kitchens by Ruth Dahlberg, page 22

Busy Summering by Betty Burbank and Henrietta Dunlop, page 23

Bowls With a Past by Jean Metcalf, page 24



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