The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Cuisine, page 1

College With an Eye to a Job, page 2

Shoulder Arms Against Telltale Tarnish, page 3

Generosity with Spices, page 4

Grandmother’s Heirlooms, page 5

Greyed Pastels, page 6

Food Facts – or Fairy Tales, page 8

Les Menus, the American Nemesis, page 9

What’s New in Home Economics, page 10

From Panama to Paris, page 12

Spread-ucation, page 13

Behind Bright Jackets, page 14

Alums in the News, page 15

His Royal Highness, the Chef, page 16

New Zealand Cuisine, page 17

From Journalistic Spindles, page 18

A Frozen Art, page 19

Biography of a Home Economist, page 20



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