The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What Do You Choose in Table Service? by Clara Jordan, page 1

The Home We Had to Have – and Had It by Katherine Goeppinger, page 2

Preparing to Meet the Linen Needs of Bridedom by Helen Paschal, page 3

Canning Without Mother for a Helper by Carrie Plunkett, page 4

Summing Up the Serving of Well Planned Meals by N. Beth Bailey, page 5

Finding Brushes to Fit Special Needs by Glenna Hesse, page 6

Bridal Showers of Blessings by Harriet Schleiter, page 7

The Art of Garnishing Foods by Mildred B. Elder, page 7

Who’s There and Where by Jeanette Beyer, page 10

Seasonable Desserts of Fruits and Berries by N. Beth Bailey, page 11

Forget It All-And a Picnicking Go! by Eleanor Murray, page 14



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