The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Recreation that Recreates, Editor, page 1

Dual Personalities, Catherine Raymond, page 2

Married Right Out of College, Mary Ellen Lynch Brown, page 3

Sally Bows to Summer’s Sun, Kathryn Cooley, page 4

Selling Yourself, Kathryn Monson, page 6

I Want a Cotton Dress, Marcia E. Turner, page 7

Playtime Pays Dividends, Jane Wiley, page 8

Behind Closed Doors, Margaret Kumlien, page 9

Sunshine Sports, Jeanette Woodward, page 10

Packing the Convention Bag, Shirley Ambrose, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, page 12

Veishea Presents, Adelaide Richardson, page 14

Picnic Basket, Dorothy Jo Weber, page 16

Alums in the News, Bette Simpson, page 17

Make Room for Music, Nancy Mason, page 18

Behind Bright Jackets, Betty Bice, page 20

Journalistic Spindles, Dorothy Anne Roost, page 23

Biography of a Home Economist, Eleanor White, page 24



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