The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Hospitality on a Budget, Mary Ellen Brown, page 2

Plastics Equip the Home, Dorothy Anne Roost, page 4

Designed for Efficiency, Dorothy Gross, page 6

50,000 Words a Day, Betty Bice, page 7

Sally Leads Military Parade, Patricia Hayes, page 8

Self-Investment for Life, Dr. Richard C. Raines, page 10

Home Management Staff, Margaret Kumlien Read, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, Helen Kubacky, page 12

Defense Challenges the Home Economics, Dr. P. M. Nelson, page 14

Letters from Sumatra and Alaska, page 15

Alums in the News, Bette Simpson, page 16

Vitamins Invade Army Rations, Genevieve Scott, page 17

Flashes from Bacteriology Field, Catherine Raymond, page 18

China on a Budget, Jane Willey, page 19

Behind Bright Jackets, Marjorie Thomas, page 20

Soldiers and Sailors Eat Well, Pat Garberson, page 22

Spindles, Helen Moeckly, page 24



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