The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Rejuvenation, Editor, page 1

The Union Way, Dorothy Ann Klein, page 2

Spices Feel War’s Sting, Clara Collar, page 4

The Institution Management Department, Margaret Read, page 5

Food for 5000, Margaret Mitchell, page 6

Sally’s Ready for Play, Dorothy Roost, page 8

Food Work Proves Intriguing, Ruth Kunerth, page 10

What’s New in Home Economics, page 12

Speaking of Veishea, Virginia Daley, page 14

Novelties in Dining Out, Elizabeth Murfield, page 15

Aluminum Is Drafted, Stuart Swensson, page 16

Alums in the News, Mary Sather, page 19

Campers Must Eat, Doris Plagge, page 20

Behind Bright Jackets, Julie Wendel, page 21

Journalistic Spindles, Mary Schmidt, page 22



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