The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Keeping Up With Today, Barbara Sgarlata, page 2

Students Make Vacation Count, Catherine Tidemanson, page 3

Your Protection – That Ceiling Price, Jean Ross, page 4

The Union Expands for Navy, Virginia Bates, page 5

The Army Plans Uniforms for Comfort, page 6

Recreation for Morale, War Department, page 7

Enriched Flour for a Strong Nation, Marjrorie Beneke, page 8

Survey Reveals Lunching Habits, Virginia Carter, page 9

Autumn Wardrobes Go Streamlined, Mary Lou Springer, page 10

What’s New in Home Economics, Mary Ellen Sullivan, page 12

The “Y” Backs Victory, Margaret Schwanz Abbott, page 14

Bookmarks, Eileen Dudgeon, page 15

Across Alumnae Desks, Mary Ellen Sullivan, page 16

In Your Home Ec Club, Pauline McMahon, page 17

Workers Train for Canteen Club, Jeanne Reed, page 18

Introducing Women Leaders, Grace Brown, page 20

Alums in the News, Harriet Zook, page 21



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