The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

For Wartime Beauty, Virginia Bates, page 4

Keeping Up With Today, Margaret Ralston, page 5

Women in Service Dress for Duty, Norma Dale, page 6

New Navy Kitchen Serves, Helen Hudson, page 7

Women as Food Inspectors, Dorothy Watt, page 8

Pioneering Textile Fibers, Ruth Herzig, page 9

Egg-Drying Increases Production, Helen James, page 10

Letter from a WAAC, Marjorie P. Hinkle, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, Lily Houseman, page 12

Vicky Heralds Spring, Pat Hayes, page 14

Women Choose Engineering Careers, Frances Madigan, page 15

Campus Notions Dept., Joan Miller, page 16

For Today’s Bride, Grace Brown, page 18

Herbs Inspire Variety, Margaret Ralston, page 20

Across Alumnae Desks, Virginia Carter, page 22

Alums in the News, Rachel Ann Lusher, page 24



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