The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Keeping Up With Today, Marilyn Clayton, page 2

Victory Canning Corps, Corinne Cunningham, page 3

Posters for South America, Frances Kerekes, page 4

Choosing Your College, Clara M. Brown, page 5

For Random Reading, Lila Mae Hummel, page 7

Wanted: More Home Economics, Victoria McKibben, page 9

Teaching Field Broadens in Scope, Norma Shellito, page 10

Food Customs from the Phillipines, Soledad Payawal, page 11

Sheer Simplicity, Josephine Ahern, page 12

Association Benefits Graduates, Zoe Wilson, page 14

Forecasting Textile Supply, Elizabeth Peterson, page 15

What’s New in Home Economics, Mildred Krogh, page 16

Packaging for Post War Foods, Virginia Carter, page 18

Challenge from Latin America, Delores Stewart, page 19

Designed for Individuality, Gertrude Richards, page 21

More Products from Plastics, Mary Elizabeth Lush, page 23

Fashions in Weeds, Marilyn Baker, page 24

Across Alumnae Desks, Harriet Keen, page 26

Rehabilitation Challenges Home Economist, Marian Hoppe, page 28

Alums in the News, Patricia Maddex, page 30

Electronics Change Food Flavors, Barbara Reader, page 32



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