The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Winter in Iowa, page 2

Keeping Up With Today, D. Jean Merrill, page 3

“We’re in The Army Now”, Jeannette Pickford, page 4

Decorate For Christmas Festivities, June Hudek, page 5

Make Your Christmas Gifts, Marian Hoppe, page 6

Public Relations To The Fore, Dorothy Ann Roost, page 7

Vicky Fashions Her Christmas, Josephine Ahern, page 8

Occupational Therapists, Gertrud Ortgies, page 10

Dress Up Your Christmas Packages, Rosalie Riglin, page 11

Express Yourself To Impress Others, Doris Ann Gregg, page 12

Their Diets Are Supervised, Eugenia Crawford, page 13

What’s New In Home Economics, Marilyn Mitchell, page 14

Across Alumnae Desks, Harriet Keen, page 18

He Cooked In The Clouds¸ Dick Crowther, page 20

Plans For Her Country’s Future, Thelma Estevez, page 22

Foods of the Future, Shirley Rolfs, page 24

Yuletide Celebrations In Other Lands, Mary Rothacker, page 26

Alums In The News, Patricia Maddex, page 28



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