The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Presenting 1943 Veishea, Dorothy Walker, page 1

Keeping Up With Today, Margaret Ralston, page 4

Letter from a SPAR, Mary Leffler, page 5

Demand for Day Nurseries, Marjory Gillingham, page 6

Freezing Preserves Victory Foods, Frances Madigan, page 7

Gardens Challenge Faculty, Lois Stewart, page 8

Food Affects Morale, Dr. Lowell Selling, page 9

Vicky Favors Simplicity, Mary Lou Springer, page 10

An Economist Interprets Food Problems, Dorothy Conquest, page 11

Grooming for a Career, Mary Schmidt, page 12

Students Enlist, Annette DeLay, page 13

The Red Cross Canteen Corps Mobilize, page 14

What’s New in Home Economics, Lily Houseman, page 16

Women to Know, Josephine Ahern, page 18

Home Economists Plan for the WAAC, Frances Kerekes, page 19

Canada Organizes for Nutrition, Mary Ellen Sullivan, page 20

Experience Gleaned, Janet Russell, page 22

Eggs Spell Good Nutrition, Marian Loofe, page 23

Commissioned in Dietetics, Victoria McKibben, page 24

Across Alumnae Desks, Virginia Carter, page 26

Whole Grains Fortify, Shirley Like, page 28

Designed for Art Majors, JoAnne Nicholson, page 29

Alums in the News, Rachel Ann Lusher, page 31

Meals on the Move, Catherine Tidemanson, page 32



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