The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Keeping Up With Today, Jeanne O’Connor, page 2

Veishea Blueprints the Future, Charla Muschott, page 3

This is Merrill Palmer, Marjorie Osenbrug, page 4

Home Economists on the Air, Charlene Stettler, page 5

Vicky Faces a Busy Summer, Josephine Ahern, page 6

Alum Directs Army Kitchen in Wales, Lt. Mary E. Scoltock, page 8

Women Devise Costume Jewelry, Madeline Morrison, page 9

Chile Outgrows Food Traditions, Ruth Gaessler, Carlos Krassa, page 10

Summer School or Summer Positions, Victoria McKibben, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, Doris Adams, page 12

Restaurants Introduce Apprentice Course, Betsy Nichols, page 14

Teach Toymaking, Marjorie Moodie, page 17

Booklet Discusses Teaching Career, Marian Hoppe, page 19

Frances Madigan, ’44, Traveling Journalist, Joan Visser, page 21

Ever Eaten Eggshells?, Lois Gramlich, page 23

Faculty and Students Revise Curriculum, Jeanne O’Connor, page 24



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