The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Autumn Scene, Jeanne Meyers Haas, page 2

Keeping Up With Today, Jeanne O’Connor, page 3

Practice Fourfold Living, Harriet Breckenridge, page 4

Out of the Freezer Into the Oven, Marian Hoppe, page 6

Ingenuity Solves Gift Problems, Mary S. Smith, page 7

Vicky Anticipates a Social Season, Rosalie Riglin, page 9

What’s New in Home Economics, Doris Adams, page 10

Veteran’s Wife: Student and Homemaker, Jean Larson, page 12

Navy Enjoys Menus at Friley, Charlene Stettler, page 15

Notions, page 16

Alums in the News, Philomena Beck, page 17

Home Economist Serves the Consumer, Dorothy Campbell, page 19

Across Alumnae Desks, Etha Schipull, page 20



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