The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Keeping Up With Today, Jeanne O’Connor, page 2

At Home, No. 10, Pammel Court, Rosemary Moody, page 3

Gastronomical Adventure in the Tropics, Kenneth Fulk, page 4

Slide Rule for Sauce Pan, Priscilla Cobb, page 6

POW’s Eat Food of Their Dreams, Rosalie Riglin, page 7

What’s New in Home Economics, Doris Adams, page 8

Serves Rochester Youth, Connie Cunningham, page 10

An Editor Speaks, Marjorie Griffin Groll, page 11

Careering in Benton County, Donna Westlie, page 12

Consider Professional Organizations, Natalie Benda, page 14

We Introduce a Leader in Our Field, Helen Crane, page 15

Vicky Minors in Social Life, Jeanne Hudson, page 16

This is a Foreign Country, Goldie Rouse, page 19

Across Alumnae Desks, Etha Schipull, page 19

Career Conscious Books, Joyce Mongerson, page 21

Iowa State Perfects Popcorn, Marjorie Kessler, page 22

Alums in the News, June Welch, page 23

Across Alumnae Desks, Philomena Beck, page 24



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