The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Poem, Lorraine Midlang, page 2

Letter to the Readers, New Talent Staff, page 3

Keeping Up With Today, New Talent Staff, page 4

Coeducational China, Marjorie Clampitt, page 5

Vacations Will Pay, Kay Williams, Sheron Hieronymus, page 6

Iowa State Students Prepare for Life, Breta Gath Soldat, page 8

Home Economics Builds for the Future, Mary Johnston, page 9

She Served in Navy Blue, Joyce Edgar, page 10

Trade Rollbooks for Hobbies, Mary Ellen Watt, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, New Talent Staff, page 12

Welch Hall Weaves its History, June Welch, page 14

Coeds Share Treats From Home, Janet Ogilvie, page 15

Recommend Variety in Electives, Maryann Jones, page 16

Springtime Vicky Vamps and Revamps, Darlene Philip, page 18

Foresees Spring Fashion, Barbara Phillips, page 18

Alums in the News, Joyce Mongerson, page 19

Loan Funds Commemorative Friends of Students, Barbara Artus, page 21

Coeds Turn Camera Fans, Natalie Benda, page 22

Committee Achieves Needed Revisions, Goldie Rouse, page 23

Raccoon Meat is Delicious, Elizabeth Adams, page 24



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