The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Keeping Up With Today, Joyce Edgar, page 2

Letter to Freshmen, A Senior, page 3

Manners – The You That Shows, Joan Kilty, page 4

Reflect Personalities in College Homes, Irene Meyer, page 5

Reason Your Writing, June Welch, page 6

Diaries Offer Activity Tips to Freshmen, Shirliann Forimann, page 7

What’s New in Home Economics, Marjorie Clampitt, page 8

Vicky Dresses for School, Breta Soldat, page 10

Why Freshmen Gain Weight, Nancy Baker, page 13

Iowa State Seniors Break into Print, Beverly Sieg, page 14

Homemakers Relax With Cookbooks, Helen Hochriem, page 17

Graduate Designs Greeting Cards, Carita Girton, page 19

Alums in the News, Goldie Rouse, page 20



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