The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Extracurricular Activities Provide Training, Tony DeLay, page 2

Home Service Program for Young America, Doris Adams, page 3

The Home Economist in Business, Beth Bailey McLean, page 4

How to Become a Career Girl, Frances Kerekes, page 6

Clubs Combine as Future Homemakers of America, Barbara Bates, page 7

1947 Vicky Turns the Page of Fashion, Ann Fuhs, page 8

Christmas Lighting, Ann Rozeboom, page 9

Homemaking is a Challenging Career, Martha Coover, page 10

Good Professional Attitude, Mary Elizabeth Lush, page 11

Alum Head Product Testing Program, Lydia Cooley, page 12

Keeping Up With Today, Joyce Edgar, page 14

Festival Book Aids Party Planning, Luanne Madsen, page 16



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