The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Veishea Views Tomorrow, Joyce Edgar, page 3

Makes Mine Radio, Lora Stone Graul, page 4

How Does Your Personality Score?, Nancy Johnson, page 5

Modern Coeds Expand College Budgets, Mary Ann McDonnell, page 6

Veteran’s Wives Crowd Special Courses, Peggy McIlrath, page 7

The Way You Are, Margaret Buswell, page 8

What’s New, June Welch, page 9

Vicky Heralds Spring, Nancy Baker, page 10

Express Individuality With Flowers, Joan Ahern, page 12

Keeping Up With Today, page 15

Gifts Make Her Career, Mary Alice Walker, page 17

Combine Paint and Ingenuity, Peggy Holler, page 18

Here’s An Idea, page 20



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