The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Program of Events, page 3

Reviews 75 Years of Progress, page 4

Message from Dean P. Mabel Nelson, page 6

Home Economics Plans Ahead, page 7

Research Views Tomorrow, page 8

Match Graduates to Employers, page 10

Homemaking Travels by Radio, page 11

From Cutlery to Culture, page 12

Iowa State Extends Its Services, page 13

What’s New, page 14

Graduate Study Challenges Us, page 16

Better Living in America, page 18

Activities Offer Experience, Training, page 21

Homemaker Spots New Developments, page 23

Here’s An Idea, page 24

’47 Speaks, page 28

First Coeds, Too, Wore Long Skirts, page 30

Counselor Helps Students Solve College Problems, page 33

Homemaker Thrives After 26 Years, page 34

Keeping Up With Today, page 36



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