The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Tantalizing Appetites, Jane Haselton, page 3

Keep Pammel Young Set Busy, Barbara Parsons, page 4

Chart Your Course, page 6

What’s New In Home Economics, Peggy Krenek, page 7

You’ll Be a Calm, Lovely Bride, Janet Sutherland, page 8

Predict Future Positions, Ruth Hackett, page 9

Vicky Takes to the Sun, Jo Ann Breckenridge, page 10

Home Economics Women Invade The Air Waves, Jeanne Wallerius, page 11

Your Summer Work Pays Dividends, Christine Thomson, page 12

Let Your Personality Speak For You, Margaret Rutherford, page 14

Here’s An Idea, page 16

Seniors Advise on Elective Choices, Jo Ann Breckenridge, page 19

Keeping Up With Today, Mary West, page 20

Alums in the News, Patricia Close, page 23



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