The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Pat Young Goes to Dinner in Japan, page 2

Should You Drop Out a Year?, Joan Kelleher, page 4

Holiday Wrappings, Jean Lund, page 5

Pottery, JoAnn Breckenridge, page 6

Men Are Looking At You, Merritt Bailey, page 8

Try a Short Cut, Christine Thomson, page 9

Sigma Phi Epsilon Cook’s Favorite, Mary Alice Halverson, page 10

Remodeling Tips, Joan Kelleher, page 11

Vicky Says SEW, JoAnn Breckenridge, page 12

What’s New in Home Economics, Peggy Krenek, page 14

Gifts For A Homemaker, Barbara Parsons, page 15

A Brighter Tree With Safe Lights, Betty Fox, page 18

Make This A Record Year, Peggy Krenek, page 20

Learn to Study, Margaret Leveson, page 26

Alums in the News, Patricia Close, page 28

Winter Skin Care, Christine Thomson, page 31



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