The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A Greeting to Iowa Homemakers by Miss Anna J. Richardson, page 1

Where Are the Birds? by J. E. Guthrie, page 2

Her Summer Lingerie by Lucile Barta, page 3

Planting the Back Yard “Forty” by E. C. Volz, page 4

When April Weeps by Eleanor Murray, page 5

Garden Accessories by Juanita Beard, page 6

A Study in Yellow and White by Helen Reidy, page 6

Kiddies Clothes for Spring by Grace Heidbreger and Grace Bourland, page 7

Who’s There and Where by Eleanor Murray and Jeanette Beyer, page 8

The Economy Game and How the Turners Played It by Helen Lamb, page 11



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