The Iowa Homemaker

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What shall we do for the birds this season? We know what they will do for us if they get a chance. The robins will steal our earthworms. What matter, there are plenty more where those came from. And they will gladly accept some of our cherries too, if we remember their habits from last year. Well, perhaps we will have enough wormy ones so that they will leave the good ones for us. We know that the bluebirds will do us no harm, and that they will be a continual source of joy to us thruout the summer if we can induce them to nest in our boxes, and can give them the protection that they deserve. In the first place then, there comes the problem of the English sparrow, that ever present nuisance. From the wren house he can be excluded by making the opening only the size of a quarter, and the wren can then easily enter.



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