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The Power of Music

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Muic, altho the youngest of the arts, now, without question, takes precedence over all others in its effects on the subliminal self. There is no human creature who is not more or less affected by music, and, in a general way of speaking, the higher the type of man the greater is the effect of music on him. Savages do not care for the music of civilization and to primitive man the beat of the tom-tom and the shrill note of the reed pipe is sweeter than the grandest harmonies of the master symphonies. On the other hand, there is no music for civilized man in the discordant cacophony of the aborigines, and very little that is interesting or pleasing in the monotonous droning and thumping of the semi-civilized tribes. Hence it is easy to perceive that music-if it is to have any effect for good-must be such as will be pleasing to the listener.



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