The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A Greeting to Iowa Homemakers by Dr. Louise Stanley, page 3

A New Book on “Meal Planning and Table Service” by Florence E. Busse, page 4

A Bill of Rights for the Child by Lulu R. Lancaster, page 4

Shrubs as a Garden Background by Juanita Beard, page 5

‘Tis Egg Time Again by Beth Bailey McLean, page 6

The New Domestic System by Claude L. Benner, page 7

A Time Budget for the Homemaker by Ruth M. Lindquist, page 8

Figures That Do Not Lie by Mae L. Kelley, page 9

The Cooking of Meats by P. Mabel Nelson, page 10

The Psychology of Clothing by Eveleth Pedersen, page 11

Iowa State Women in Rural Schools by W. H. Lancelot, page 12

A Yarn about Yarns by Irene Christian, page 13

Tea Room Accounting by George M. Fuller, page 14

Who’s There and Where by Dryden Quist, page 15

Editorial, page 16

Homemaker as Citizen, page 17

The Eternal Question, page 18

Mrs. Purchaser Chooses Upholstery by Lucile Barta, page 19



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