The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It Is Not Always May by Maybelle A. Payton, page 1

The Why of a Home Economics Course by Florence Busse, page 2

Why I Came to Iowa State compiled by Clara Jordan, page 2

Picnic Ingredients by Grata Thorn, page 3

Iowa State Women Attend Voters’ Convention by Eleanor Murray and Jeanette Beyer, page 4

A Modern Version of the Hope Box by N. Beth Bailey, page 5

A Summer Living Room by Mildred Boyt, page 7

Canning Early Fruits and Vegetables by Helen G. Lamb, page 8

Hazards of Bird Life by J. E. Guthrie, page 9

Nile Styles by Harriett Schleiter, page 10

Shall Mother Have a Vacation? by Eda Lord Murphy, page 10

The Fallacy of An Expensive Standard of Living by Claude L. Benner, page 11

What Shall We Take? by Lucille Barta, page 12

Who’s There and Where by Helen Reidy, page 13



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