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It Is Not Always May

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When asked what an ideal high school girl should be, a member of one of my classes wrote the following: "I think an ideal high school girl is one who is polite to everyone; who applies the talents she has been blessed with, to the best of her ability; who is diligent in the pursuit of her studies; who feels herself joined to her fellow-students by a common bond of sportsmanship, school spirit, and general good-fellowship; who at home, is thoughtful of others, takes her part in the family duties, joys, sorrows, and sacrifices, and makes for herself such a place in the simple routine of home life that, if she were ever called upon to leave that home, the only memories left behind her would be those of merry smiles, kind words, and a genial kindliness for all." This seems, to me, to be the very essence of all that the school and the home have a right to expect of the girl of high school age; and, coming as it does, from the pen of a high school girl, its genuineness should make a strong appeal to other teen-age girls.



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