The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

To a Bride, Salli Hearst, page 9

Happily Ever After, Donald C. Charles, page 10

The Bride Wore, Marilyn Bergeson and Patricia Keast, page 11

Here Comes the Bride, Marilyn Wright, page 12

Marriage and College - Yes, Gloria Sheehe, page 13

It’s All In the Family, Floramae Gates, page 14

With This Ring, Jean McGhie, page 15

Veiled In Loveliness, Evelyn Toulouse, page 16

Pots ‘n Pans, Maryann Meldrum, page 17

Proper Thing To Do, Marian Skinner, page 18

For Remembering, Marian Anderson, page 19

Weddings Without Worries, Nancy Voss, page 20

Showers, Joanne Ryals, page 21

Your Highest Hopes, Gayle Dunn, page 22

Bouquet for You, Maryann Meldrum, page 23

Your Trip to the Moon, Alane Baird, page 24

What’s New, Evelyn Toulouse and Dorothy Will, page 28

Information Please, Susan Brown and Mary Doherty, page 32

She Doesn’t Like Surprises and Neither Does He, Ruth Anderson, page 34

Breaking In the Groom, Alice Irvine, page 37

Trends, Joanne Ryals, page 38



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