The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Tomorrow?, Salli Hearst, page 7

Where Will You Live, Jacquie Edwards and Mary Kay Pitzer, page 8

From Campus to Career Clothes, Jane Hammerly, page 10

Your Paycheck… It’s All Yours, Prof. Edna Douglas, page 11

Your Career Days, Nancy Butler, page 12

From Bathroom to Ballroom – Terry Cloth, Ruth Anderson, page 13

Alums in the News, Margaret Cole and Kay Scholten, page 14

Career Antics, Mary Jean Stoddard, page 16

Live While You Work, Beth Bailey McLean, page 18

Today – Freezer Magic, Pat Stiff, page 20

Tomorrow – 70-Second Dinners, Mary Ann Thorsen, page 20

Seniors Decide, Ruth Anderson, page 22

Be On Your Toes About Hose, Karla Baur, page 23

What’s New, Ann Lindemeyer and Dee Mingus, page 24

Scholarships Abroad, Doris Jirsa, page 26

Marriage or Career… Here’s Your Future, Dorothy Thompson, page 28

Information Please, Rachel Bernau and Margaret Mattison, page 29

Trends, Gwen Olson, page 30



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