The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

The Hiltons at Home, Sue Brown, page 7

Dorm Kitchens Backstage, Else Nielsen, page 8

Socialize or Study in Room 18, Jane Brintlinger, page 9

Dressing Up Your College Home, Margaret Mattison, page 10

An Atomic Future, Glenn Murphy, page 11

Your Dress Before You Buy It, Jane Hammerly, page 12

Miniwanca – Here Comes ISC, Dorothy Will, page 13

Your Fall Quarter Schedule, page 14

Information Please, page 16

Dear Diary, Mary Jean Stoddard, page 18

Alums in the News, Kay Scholten, page 20

Hard Water’s No Problem, Mary Odegard, page 22

Prof. Beveridge, Millie Willett, page 24

Correspondence Aids, page 25

Trends, Jane Montgomery, page 26



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