The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

They Say it’s Love, Ann Baur, page 4

Marry in a College Chapel, Merna Borror, page 6

Learned by Heart, Beth Cummings Paschal, page 7

I’d Like to Know, Sandy Newman, page 8

Blueprint for Packing, Carolyn McIntyre, page 10

The Honeymoon, Reverie to Reality, Jackie Andre, page 11

Present Picker, Marilyn Jensen Nadler, page 12

An Electric Dinner, Ann Walters, page 14

Say Yes… To Entertaining, Rosemary McBride and Roma Walker, page 15

ABC’s of Money Management, Linda Nelson and Marie Budolfson, page 16

What’s in a Wedding Custom, Janice Furman, page 18

Plain Clothes Man? Ha!, Norma Scholes, page 22

Why All This Fuss Over Sex, Gail A. McClure, page 25



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