The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Accomplish Your Work by Scheduling Your Time by Gertrude Lynn, page 3

A Vision Come True by Eveleth Pederson, page 4

Norwegian Cookery by Ethel Rayness, page 4

Flowers as Decoration by Sarah Palon, page 5

Glimpses Into Child Problems by Helen Herr, page 6

“That School Girl Complexion” by Mrs. Linda S. Brown, page 7

Attractive, Tho Inexpensive Hangings by Grace Heidbreder, page 7

“Women’s Place In The Home?” by Eleanor Murray, page 8

Silverware by Edna Carlson, page 9

Successful Cake Baking by Pauline Peacock, page 10

Who’s There and Where by Helen Putnam, page 11

Editorial Page, page 12

Eternal Question, page 13

Homemaker as Citizen, page 14



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