The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

As Others See Us, Tom Emmerson, Beth Lambeth and Sue Guernsey, page 6

China Cues for Smart Shoppers, Doris Post, page 8

Reflections of You, Sylvia Noid, page 9

Campus Tours, Inc., Patty Anderson, page 10

Child Development Experts Study “Multiple Mother” Effects, Carol Calhoon, page 11

Behind the TV Camera, Carolynn DeLay, page 12

Gray Meals, One Subject of Food Technology, Mary Ellen Muckenhirn, page 14

Coed Chooses Spring Fashion’s Fancy, Laveda Jansonius, page 17

Expand Your World, Marty Keeney, page 18

RAIN, Diane Houser, page 21

What’s Going On?, Carol Shellenbarger, page 22



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