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White Goods Sales

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White Sales! White Sales! Buy during the white sales and economize- fairly shout the newspaper advertisements. White sales are an annual affair for department stores. It is the time of the year when these stores are closing out their odds and ends in preparation for the new supply. The style in linens does not change from year to year so if you buy during sales it does not mean you are getting out of date things. It is truly a place of real bargains. But would it be economy for you if you attended one of these white sales? Miss Smith spied the prettiest piece of yellow satin just a remnant it was, but so cheap she just could not resist buying it. She took it home, proud of her bargain, and laid ·it carefully away on the closet shelf, where it still reposes after two years. Perhaps there is not so much danger in buying unusable remnants in household linens, but there are other mistakes we must avoid. So before you venture into the chaos and confusion of the January White Sales be sure to fortify yourself with the following protectors:



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