The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

An Invitation to Attend the Dedication of Home Economics Hall by Anna E. Richardson, page 1

In Our New Home at Last by Marcia E. Turner, page 2

Household Equipment by Eloise Davison, page 2

A Walk Around Campus by Vivian Jordan Brashear, page 3

Textiles and Clothing by Frances Sims, page 4

Child Care and Parent Training by Lydia Swanson, page 4

Applied Art by Joanna M. Hansen, page 5

Foods and Nutrition Department by Alma M. Riemenschneider, page 6

Institutional Management by Linda Spence Brown, page 7

Physical Education by Winifred R. Tilden, page 7

Home Economics Vocational Education by Marica E. Turner, page 8

The Department of Hygiene by Grace Magee, page 8

The Household Administration Department by Ruth M. Lindquist, page 9

Homemakers Department by Elizabeth M. Rivers, page 9



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