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The Purnell Bill

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The passage of the bill, February 24,1925, providing funds for research in Agriculture and Home Economics commonly known as the Purnell Bill, marks a very definite milestone in the progress of Home Economics in our Land Grant Colleges. For the first time by federal grant funds have been set aside definitely for research in Home Economics. Up to this time some research, limited rather generally to foods and nutrition, has been carried on in the larger institutions, but we have had neither staffs qualified in experience or training, not funds to promote much serious research. The Home Economics leaders the country over realized that our teaching must of necessity be based upon careful research of the problems which have to do with the home. The problems entailed in feeding the family demands a knowledge of scientific facts in foods and nutrition. The modern household must be run on as much of an efficiency basis as is commensurate with home ideals. This demands careful study, investigation and research in equipment, in the expenditure of time, energy and money.



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