The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Possibilities of the Modern Home by D. S. Jeffers, page 1

Old Fashioned Equipment, page 2

A Bit About Switzerland by Cleo Ftizsimmons, page 3

Types of Colonial Chairs by Gale Pugh, page 4

The Food Value of Milk by Helene Heye, page 5

Merrill Palmer by Frances Jones, page 6

4-H Club, page 7

Iowa State Home Economics Association Page, page 8

Editorial, page 9

Who’s There and Where, page 10

Farm and Home Week by Barbara Dewell, page 11

Sonny’s Room by Grace Bonnell, page 11

Eternal Question, page 12

Shall We Tell Stories? by Gwendolyn Hall, page 13

Fine Ware Made of Iowa City by Mary Yancy, page 17



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