The Iowa Homemaker

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When Jacob Rees said that one half the world does not know how the other half Jives, here referred to the different situations and conditions within our own country. We may also. apply this to people geographically, which may explain the reason for the interest shown in the customs and life of people in other lands. In the Lincoln Apartments located on Lincoln ·way resides the Capistrano family consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Severo Capistrano with their two young sons Julio and Edmondo. These people came from Manila of the Philippine Islands, by way of Vancouver and through Canada, arriving at the opening of the college year. Mr. Capistrano is a graduate student in Agricultural Economics, while Jul;o and Edmondo are enrolled in the kindergarten at Welch school. Mrs. Capistrano would like also to attend college classes but so far her home· making does not permit her to do so.



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