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Sculpture on the Library

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Everywhere on the campus of Iowa State College we are aware of the beauty and art in buildings and surroundings. An example of especially fine art is seen on the panels of our library. It is one of the finest libraries in the middle west. The two panels in low relief are at the corners of the upper part of the facade and were cut after the stone was in place, necessitating the erection of high scaffolds, so that Miss Nellie Walker, the noted sculptress, who designed the panels, could work from the outside. A kind of canvas tent was built around the scaffold, which aroused curious minds. The panels were not fully disclosed until they were almost finished. The panel to the right as one faces the building symbolizes the .activities of the girls and represents, from left to right, Art, Home Economics, both domestic and industrial, and Literature. The panel to the left represents the interests of the boys, Engineering, Science, Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture.



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