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The successful production of raspberries in Iowa depends largely on controlling the diseases that affect them. Raspberries are subject to a number of diseases such as leaf spot, orange rust, crown gall, mosaic, leaf curl and also to winter injury. Other diseases affect raspberries, but only those that are known to be serious in Iowa will be discussed.

During the past 10 years many growers have sent inquiries to the experiment station indicating that they were either unaware of the existence of disease in their plantings, or if they did recognize its presence, they did not know how to control it. Furthermore, their lack of proper understanding of the diseases of this crop has often led to the planting of diseased stock. Such cases frequently have meant early failure of the crop. In many cases altho the grower was very skillful in the other cultural aspects of his crop, his inadequacy in combatting diseases has outweighed his skill. This condition shows a clear need for information and has prompted the writing of this circular which is devoted to a description of the symptoms or signs and the control measures of raspberry diseases.



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