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The domestic allotment plan is being seriously considered by Congress.

The plan was originally proposed by the late W. J. Spillman. Since then it has undergone successive modifications at the hands of Professors J. D. Black and M. L. Wilson. A bill embodying the voluntary domestic allotment idea was introduced during the last session of Congress by Senator Norbeck of South Dakota and Representative Hope of Kansas.

The discussion that follows is, in the main, based on the Norbeck-Hope bill. What is said is of necessity tentative. The plan is comparatively new. There is no assurance that it will not be materially modified by those now working on it.

Our purpose is to point out the essential features of the plan as now proposed, rather than to pass judgment. Our task is to show the proposal in its various phases and to consider some of the problems that its application would involve. This discussion should prepare the way for a more thorough study of it by Corn Belt farmers and farm leaders. · This manuscript is the third in a series dealing with the agricultural depression. The first, "The Situation Today,'' deals with the facts of the present agricultural crisis. The second, "The Causes of the Emergency," analyzes the factors that have brought on the emergency. The present publication considers one of the plans suggested for agricultural relief. The next publication in the series will take up the Iowa farm mortgage situation. Subsequent booklets will deal with truces, monetary and banking problems and agricultural tariffs.



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