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Contents: BIGMAP Symposium examines agricultural co-existence, sustainability; Taking quality seed to the farmer: Reaching Africa's smallholders; New grant to improve quality seed access in Sub-Saharan Africa; Munkvold, Shepherd receive grant to support NSHS mission; Vilsack speaks on biodiversity at Global Town Hall Meeting; Iowa State partners in seed policy in COMESA Region; Harries represents BIGMAP at PBS meeting; Zambian ambassador visits Seed Science Center; New reference guide offers strategies for online educators; Seed Lab studies ways to 'Live Green'; Fosdick named 2010–11 Misra Scholar; Consumers willing to pay premium for healthier GM foods; New center workshop focuses on specialty seeds; Goggi conducts FAO research; VEISHEA 2011; Dry Distillers Grain as a creep feed for calves; Seed Science Center profiles

Publication Date:

Fall 1-1-2011


Agriculture | Biotechnology | Plant Sciences

Iowa Seed & Biosafety News (Vol. 27, No. 1)