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Contents: Seed Science Center and BIGMAP dedicate expansion, Carver sculpture; Stancliffe sculpture debuts at open hosue; Carver sculpture unveiled at SSC; Vilsack to lead U.S. Department of Agriculture; ISU alumnus keeps Carver spirit alive; Krueger named ASTA, Misra scholar; BIGMAP Symposium to focus on food and fuel crops; Misra named to Dean's Chair for Distinction; Okeno speaks at Biotech Congress; Harries honored by FELAS; Cortes cited for contribution to Peruvian seed industry; SEEDS program benefits African agro-dealers; Increased biotech traits—a mixed blessing?; Borlaug Fellow facilitates seminar on GM crops; Munkvold named STB program chair; New initiative addresses food and biofuels; Hegna celebrates 35 years at seed lab; SSC profiles

Publication Date:

Fall 1-1-2008


Agriculture | Biotechnology | Plant Sciences

Iowa Seed & Biosafety News (Vol. 25, No. 1)