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Tuesday, December 1st

Anthracnose: The sophisticated rot

Lisa J. Vaillancourt, University of Kentucky
Maria Torres, University of Kentucky
Noushin Ghaffari, Texas A&M University System
Ester Buiate, University of Kentucky
Scott Schwartz, Texas A&M System
Charles D. Johnson, Texas A&M System

Brown stem rot of soybean—understanding and managing this vexing disease

Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota

Building soil health for sustainable agriculture systems

Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University

Can herbicides affect disease development? An overview of differentiating herbicide injury from crop disease and what is known about herbicide effects on disease development

Loren J. Giesler, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Corn disease update

Alison Robertson, Iowa State University

Effects of nitrogen application timing and source on nitrate-nitrogen leaching and crop yields

Ainis Lagzdins, Iowa State University
Matthew J. Helmers, Iowa State University

Environmental performance with agronomic management: Raccoon River watershed case study

Anthony Seeman, Iowa Soybean Association
Christopher S. Jones, University of Iowa
Peter Kyveryga, Iowa Soybean Association
Adam Kiel, Iowa Soybean Association

Evaluation of seed-applied nematicides in on-farm trials

Tristan Mueller, Iowa Soybean Association
Peter Kyveryga, Iowa Soybean Association

Extreme weather for crops: Too dry, too wet, and even ideal

Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University

Forecasting yields and in-season crop-water nitrogen needs using simulation models

Sotirios Archontoulis, Iowa State University
Ranae Dietzel, Iowa State University
Mike Castellano, Iowa State University
Andy VanLoocke, Iowa State University
Ken Moore, Iowa State University
Laila A. Puntel, Iowa State University
Carolina Cordova, Iowa State University
Kaitlin Togliatti, Iowa State University
Huber Isaiah, Iowa State University
Mark Licht, Iowa State University

Herbicide resistance mechanisms: Why doesn’t that weed die?

Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University

Incorporating lessons from high-input research into a low-margin year

D. A. Marburger, University of Wisconsin–Madison
B. J. Haverkamp, University of Wisconsin–Madison
R. G. Laurenz, University of Wisconsin–Madison
J. M. Orlowski, Univeristy of Wisconsin–Madison
E. Wilson, University of Wisconsin–Madison
S. N. Casteel, University of Wisconsin–Madison
C. D. Lee, University of Wisconsin–Madison
S. Naeve, University of Wisconsin–Madison
E. D. Nafziger, University of Wisconsin–Madison
K. L. Roozeboom, University of Wisconsin–Madison
W. J. Ross, University of Wisconsin–Madison
K. D. Thelen, University of Wisconsin–Madison
S. P. Conley, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Insecticide resistance management for soybean aphid

Robert Koch, University of Minnesota

Integrated management of white mold in soybean

Damon L. Smith, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Jaime Willbur, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Medhi Kabbage, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Making rational adjustments to phosphorus, potassium, and lime application rates when crop prices are low and producers want to cut inputs

Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State University

Making use of soil and topography data to improve corn seeding rates

Mark Licht, Iowa State University
Andy Lenssen, Iowa State University
Roger Elmore, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Managing cover crop pests for corn and soybean production

Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University
Mike Dunbar, Iowa State University
Matt O'Neal, Iowa State University
Aaron Gassmann, Iowa State University

Managing low to negative crop margins

Alejandro Plastina, Iowa State University

Micronutrient fertilization for corn and soybean

Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Kansas State University

Nitrogen input decisions with tight crop production margins

John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University

Plant disease diagnosis trivia: The old, the new and the ugly

Ed Zaworski, Iowa State University
Lina M. Rodriguez-Salamanca, Iowa State University

Practical use of remote sensing in crop management

Patrick Reeg, Iowa Soybean Association

Selecting corn hybrids in the transgenic era

Joe Lauer, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Guanming Shi, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Jean-Paul Chavas, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Sounding like a broken record

Chad Hart, Iowa State University

Soybean disease year in review—2015

Daren Mueller, Iowa State University

Switching to switchgrass?

Chad Hart, Iowa State University

The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium

Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University

The role of production agronomists and crop advisors in the Food Safety Modernization Act

Charles R. Hurburgh, Iowa State University
Erin Bowers, Iowa State University

Tractor and planter adjustments to improve profitability

Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
Dana Schweitzer, Iowa State University
Mark Licht, Iowa State University

U2U-based decision tools

Chad Hart, Iowa State University

Using apps to educate the public about transgenic technology

Don Lee, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Weed management update for 2016 and other thoughts

Micheal D. K. Owen, Iowa State University

Who buys and rents Iowa’s farmland?

Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University