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2017 Annual IDEC Conference

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2017 IDEC Annual Conference

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March 8 - 12, 2017


Chicago, IL


The design of a healthcare facility’s main entry lobby holds a great potential for user’s health and well-being. The main lobby provides the first impression on the facility to the patients and visitors because it sets expectations for the quality of clinical care (Malkin, 1991). Research findings suggest that healthcare facility design has psychological, physiological and behavioral effects on users’ life satisfaction (Ulrich, 1991; Ananth, 2008). Others presented a wellness-focused model of care as an important consideration in the planning and design of healthcare environments with the evolving concepts of community-centered care, and preventive care rather than treatment (Silvis, 2014; Kraus & Renner, 2016). However, little research has focused on evaluating user’s experience of the main lobby that is evidence-based and associated with a wellness concept in healthcare environments. Therefore, the objectives of this study are: 1) to create user-centered wellness design evaluation criteria to evaluate design of the existing facilities for which future renovation or construction is planned, 2) to examine the importance of design features that are supportive of the physical, emotional, and social experience of users, and 3) to develop and validate design guidelines and a checklist for a main entry lobby that can support design-related decision making by designers and facility managers.


This abstract is cited as Cho, Y., Song, J. Linking wellness to design: Creating a tool for evaluating user’s wellness experience at the main lobby of healthcare environments [Poster Session] IDEC 2017 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, March 8-12, 2017. Posted with permission.

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