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The Iowa Department of Transportation Intelligent Compaction Research and Implementation was initiated in summer 2009. Three field demonstration projects were conducted in Iowa as part of Phase I of this research program to evaluate three different IC measurement technologies: (1) machine drive power (MDP) measurement technology on Caterpillar CP56 padfoot roller, (2) continuous compaction value (CCV) technology on Sakai SW880 dual vibratory smooth drum asphalt roller, and (3) compaction meter value (CMV) technology on Volvo SD116DX smooth drum vibratory roller. The main objectives of the project include:

  • evaluating the effectiveness of the IC measurement values (IC-MVs) in assessing the compaction quality of cohesive subgrade materials, granular base/subbase materials, and HMA materials,
  • developing project specific correlations between IC-MVs and various conventionally used in-situ point measurements in earthwork quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) practice and HMA construction,
  • evaluating the advantages of using the IC technology for production compaction operations,
  • obtaining data to evaluate future IC specifications, and
  • developing content for future educational and training materials for Iowa DOT and contractor personnel for effective implementation of the technology in to earthwork and HMA construction practice.

This research report presents results obtained from the three demonstration projects along with an overview of the different IC technologies and various QC/QA test methods. Statistical regression analysis was performed to evaluate correlations between IC-MVs and various in-situ test measurements (e.g., dry unit weight, moisture content, modulus, California bearing ratio, temperature (for HMA)). Comparatively, modulus was better correlated with IC-MVs compared to dry unit weight. Geostatistical analysis methods were used to assess “uniformity” of the spatially referenced IC measurements. Results from this study were used to develop special provision specifications as part of Phase II research program.

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