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The objective of the proposed guidelines for a roadway management system (RMS) is to describe a framework for a modular and user-friendly RMS that will assist local government agencies of all sizes in coordinating and planning routine and preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. These guidelines include a step-by-step procedure to establish a customized RMS for local government agencies. The resulting RMS, based upon the proposed guidelines, will be a systematic methodology that can assist local government agencies to evaluate the current pavement condition, identify problems on the pavements, select the best repair and maintenance strategies with the minimum cost, and generate a schedule and priority program for these actions at both project and network levels at both the present time and the future. The terms and definitions used in the inventory program, the referencing and the defining methods for the roadway network, and the understanding between the project and the network level are established, such that the data collection process can be initiated to gather information from concerned pavements within the roadway network. A step-by-step procedure is described for obtaining the pavement condition as represented by the pavement condition index (PCI) value for different low-volume flexible and built-up pavement types as well as different maintenance strategies. In the proposed guidelines, the PCI value forms the basis for establishing the other components as well as developing the coordination among the components of an RMS. Methods to generate the maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction actions based upon the PCI are established. A pavement performance prediction model is developed to forecast the future PCI value, and a methodology for life cycle cost analysis is also provided in these guidelines. Finally, these guidelines briefly demonstrate the tasks that should be considered and included in reports to elected boards or councils that approve the funds regarding local government agencies' needs.


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MTC A-01 (Year One, 2000)

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U.S. Department of Transportation



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