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This report describes better practices for constructing and texturing quieter concrete pavements; better practices that answer the question of how we can reduce tire-pavement noise; and better practices that don't compromise the other things about the pavement that are of equal or greater importance, including safety, cost, and durability. In developing this document, the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center at Iowa State University draws from its decades of combined experience working for and alongside concrete paving contractors. This document also includes the collective experience of various contractors and equipment manufacturers with a reputation for quality. These guidelines further address the challenges that are faced in consistently producing a high-quality product in a low-bid environment. This document is intended to serve as interim guidelines and better practices for texturing. Work under the pooled fund study that sponsored the development of this document is ongoing. Additional data are being collected on both existing and new concrete paving projects that will validate the practices described herein. Given the importance of this issue, however, it is believed that many of these practices can be implemented immediately without adverse consequences. Refinements to these practices can then be implemented as necessary as changes to these better practices are made in the near future.


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