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The Highway Economic Requirements System (HERS) is an economic model that uses highway performance monitoring system (HPMS) data to project future highway conditions and requirements. HERS is a highly complex model that, at the national level, uses samples of the highway network taken from the HPMS data. As a result, at the national level it is only used for aggregate network-level analysis (planning-level analysis). When the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Asset Management was established in 1999, the office began developing the state version of HERS, or HERS-ST. HERS-ST has since evolved into a model that is specifically crafted for states. A DOS version of HERS-ST was demonstrated at a workshop attended by representatives of several state transportation agencies in 2001. Since then, several improvements have been made to the software, including updates for a Windows environment and the addition of GIS capabilities. The current project will yield a HERS-ST specifically for Iowa, but one that can be used as a model for other states.


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MTC Project 2004-01

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University Transportation Centers Program, U.S. Department of Transportation



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