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After Hurricane Katrina, in the Gulf Coast region, millions of lives were impacted because of the lack of availability of transportation, shelter, food, water, drugs, etc. Hurricane Katrina raised many concerns in terms of the federal government's capability, including their operational plant and necessary coordination strategies between state and federal governments to come up with a robust response in these catastrophic incidents. It has become apparent that developing a better operational plan is needed. To improve disaster relief, better logistics planning, which also requires better forecasting methods, is needed. Further more, to increase collaboration at all levels, it is also necessary to have more reliable communication technologies and a better information technology structure which will enable better coordination between different agencies. Utilizing technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS) and real-time tracking systems will ensure that the available disaster relief stocks will be distributed fairly to everybody.


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MTC Project 2006-01

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University Transportation Centers Program, U.S. Department of Transportation



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